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Hi everyone

So for the last couple of years while ttc I have managed to learn my PMS symptoms like the back of my hand. One thing I always picked up on was this crappy backache which I would get 7 days before the start of my period and therefore always knew that another month was unsuccessful. I always just thought this was part of the pms cramp type symptoms.

This month we had a break from ttc. I was going away and we felt it was a good idea with how busy things are before Christmas to have a break and start over next month. I’m now only a couple days til my period is due and have had none of my backache symptoms.

I obviously know I’m not pregnant this month so it’s not that. I’m just wondering whether this means anything like maybe were fertilising each month but there’s something going on with my lining etc. Probably overthinking it.

But just wondering whether anyone has any experience or explanation for this.

We’ve been told were unexplained fertility by the way.

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Hi ZigZag90. Sometimes backache before the start of a period can be put down to your womb tilting backwards and causing pressure as it bulks up before a period. I assume this has been checked out? Just a thought. Anyhow, I do hope you can find a reason, so it can be sorted. Pretty miserable having lots of backache. As you have been trying to conceive for a long time, hopefully you have been referred for some treatment?? Good luck with it all. Diane


Thanks for your reply. My uterus is anteverted on scan so all okay there. I just thought it was weird that this month I’m not getting it and it’s usually so so predictable. All tests have been fine. I have polycystic ovaries on scan but bloods show progesterone levels in keeping with ovulation so my gynaecologist did not want to prescribe clomifene.

All our other tests have been normal so we’re left in limbo now. Unfortunately my local area does not fund any treatment so I have now been discharged from the fertility services.

I’m not really confused about where to go and when to start thinking about funding treatment ourselves. I am having some acunpuncture which I am finding useful for how I’m feeling so continuing that for now.

Thanks again for your reply


Hi ZigZag90. Could still be tugging on ligaments as your womb tips forward. Pleased you're getting some relief from the acupuncturist. Do you think a chiropractor could help with your back?? I do hope you can find some relief all round. Diane


*now really confused


Were you on any medication (stimms, supplements anything) during the TTC? Usually, there can be some addition or deletion in PMS all of a sudden or you may not even have one at a random cycle. I never had a constant symptom to identify AF though. But sometimes the pattern of symptoms also alter owing to medications. Don't know it relates exactly but I'll share my experience anyway if that helps. I have had painful AF all the while (runs in the family), too much cramps that I had to take medicine even to stand up in those days. The thing changed when I had my fast post-coital pill. There were cramps but bearable. Later after about a year I went on hormonal contraceptives for around 2 years and when I came off till date there's nothing more than a light cramp during AF. So yeah AF patten changes too and so does the symptoms. Do update me if you have a AF on time - because something tells me you might not get an AF this cycle (which is normal).


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