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First scan today at just 3 weeks!

Hi so had a very emotional day. Throughout the 2ww I told the clinic I had period style pains they said it was completely normal don't panic. As soon as I get a positive pregnancy test their stance completely changed- it wasn't normal I needed to go to an early pregnancy unit and get scanned immediately!! They were really dramatic about it! But thankfully all was ok and the EPU were a bit shocked and were like errr cramping is normal no idea why they sent you here! Anyone else had experience of their clinic being over dramatic and panicking you? Anyway at least it put my mind at rest and I got to see a small black dot which is our baby 😀Better to be safe than sorry I guess!

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Hi Bec-A. I think I agree with the EPU as cramping often occurs when your womb is settling back down after all the procedures. Still, panic over now, so hope all proceeds to go well for you, and your little "dot" has grown into a "bean" next scan. Thinking of you. Diane


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