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Ivf and smoking

Hi all so i had my appointment today and have been told my next step is to see if we qualify for ivf. Only issue is my husband is a smoker and the Dr said that if he is a smoker then no ivf treatment. OH will be tested and im very upset as he doesn’t stop smoking. To me it shows his not serious enough and not willing to do this for us and our future. Ive spoke to him but his answer is “i will stop soon”! Ive been hearing him say that over the past few years. The balls in his court but i know that his not willing to do anything about it. Im just stuck ☹️

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Smoking is a big addiction and super hard to stop. You have to have big will power to just stop. I used to smoke and I managed to stop quite easily. My hubby on the other hand finds it difficult he is cutting down slowly. You need to try and educate him about what smoking does to sperm and how it affects your ivf chances. Does he want a child if so he needs to do his utmost to stop. If he goes to drs they can give him meds to help stop. It just won't be a case of stop and he'll stop unless he's got that will power. He's going to need to see why he needs to stop what affects it has and that he can get help regards to it. Xx


I am sorry, I hope yr hubby will keep his promises.


Hi, ladies, I just want to add that sometimes a bad thinking influences on fail or even our neglection of tips before embryo transfer (if we talking about different kinds of ivf)

As far as I know, the Lifestyle Factors play an important role in this case. For example, many fertility clinics require women to stop smoking at least three months before starting IVF treatment. Women who smoke need twice as many IVF cycles to conceive and are much more likely to miscarry than women who don’t smoke. Women who are overweight or underweight are less likely to have successful IVF treatment. The bottom line is, maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, losing as little as 10 percent of your body weight can make a positive difference in your ability to get pregnant. So, your way of life is important, it has an impact on your future chances to conceive.


Hi, I can imagine this is very frustrating for you. It is an addiction and can be very difficult to stop. Has he tried vaping? It is a great way to start cutting down on the nicotine and slowly stopping all together. This worked really well for my husband. He just got bored of vaping once he had gone down to zero nicotine. He used menthol vap liquid. He has now been smoke free for 18 months & caffeine free for same time. He has tonnes of energy feels amazing and wouldn’t go back to his old ways. Saying that as soon as something stressful happens he still craves a cigarette but he has learned to cope without. I hope your husband finds a way that helps him to give us. Be patient with him as it is very difficult! Xx


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