Group B Streptococcus and failed implantation?

Hie ladies i've jst failed my 2nd IVF cycle.In 2012 when i had all my initial screening tests i was diagnosed to be a carrier of Streptococcus bacteria....they said it lives harmlessly in the vagina and bowels.Yesterday i was at work and read that it can cause early misscarriages which i have had in the past..

Has anyone else has this? Am starting to thing it may be the reason for my failed implantation.

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  • I've been told I'm a carrier. You can buy kits to test for strep b. I had to do the test privately when I was pregnant because nhs don't take this seriously enough to test us. Push this with your clinic and see if they will test you xx

  • Okay thanks hu Xx

  • This is, really interesting I was a, carrier when pregnant with my daughter iv never once, been told it causes miscarriages thanks for this I'll be looking into this. Xxxx

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