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First appointment, what to expect?

First post here so please bare with!

Have been referred for IVF as have had two ectopic pregnancies with one tube having to be removed, laparoscopy and dye test showing remaining tube has no spill and also pcos.

Attended an IVF group session last week which was very informative, and have an appointment with the consultant in two weeks, this will be the first fertility consultant I have seen. What happens at this first appointment with the consultant? Will I have an estimated start date for regime? So eager to get started!

Thanks !

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Hey, welcome to the forum! So sorry to hear about your ectopics, you’ll definitely get lots of support and advice on here.

Although every clinic is different at my first appointment we went through both mine and my husbands medical history, whether either of us had children etc. Then filled out a lot of paper, we were also referred for some more tests and then given a rough idea of when we would start treatment. Normally the appointment is about an hour, wishing you lots of luck xx


Thank you for your reply, and lots of luck right back at you xxx


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