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IVF on the way

My doctor examined me better yesterday. My ovulation is not good. I had another test and an ultrasound to check my tubes. My tubes are fine, just like my uterus. At least, they haven't changed in their condition. So apparently the best treatment for now is the IVF. The thing is, I need a sperm donor. Tomorrow they will give me my treatment to mature my eggs so I can use them. I have a cold, so the doctor wanted to wait until tomorrow to feel a little better. My husband wants to be part of the process, but we are separated. I've thought a lot about just using it as a donor, but then I regret it. It is not something that will benefit me in the long term. And I really like the idea of ​​having a baby only mine. Not having to share it with anyone, or have visiting hours or worry about the other doing his job. So I'll be visiting a sperm bank tomorrow after my consultation to inform me.

As I now live alone, I decided to organize Christmas at my house this year. Before, my husband and I traveled with their parents or mine, since we are the only ones in our family who live far away. Now I want to have all my family as close as possible.

I hope all of you are having a good holiday. A hug to all!

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