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Day 7 scan done

I had my day 7 stimms scan today and have been pretty worried about it as at this point last ivf cycle, we had to abandon treatment due to poor response with the biggest follicle only measuring 8.5mm.

Needless to say, it’s a different kettle of fish this time round. The biggest follicle measured 17mm, and they counted 20 follicles all together, most ranging around 13/14mm!

I just wanted to know if this quite normal sizing for this time in the cycle?

Obviously I am thrilled and feeling really positive, especially with the clinic also saying I can decrease my menopur to 3 ampules from 4.

I was also wondering if anyone else has had slight cramping in one or both sides (feels like it could be around where the ovary is)?

I asked at the clinic and she said it’s just likely the ovary growing all the follies.

Thank you for reading


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That’s really good news, you must be so relieved. My first cycle I responded well to treatment and had ‘good growth’ early on and the cramping is totally normal. Lots of luck for EC xx

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Thank you so much. Just really hoping they keep it up and are all behaving themselves for the rest of the week ☺️

Thank you for the reassurance on the cramping too!



Fingers crossed they will. That’s okay, its so hard when cramping can mean so many different things isn’t it during this journey xx


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