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IVF/ICSI road ahead for us

I think I'm using this forum as a blog or record of our journey. There is so much I have to learn.

We attended our appointment at the fertility clinic yesterday. The TVS showed 3-4 follicles in each ovary, which she said is quite low. My left ovary was slightly hidden/turned and I wonder if that has anything to the left twinges I get during ovulation? But the consultant said she wasn't worried about it.

My OH is scheduled for a repeat SA next week and that will determine which treatment we will have.

We are listed to start in January 2018 on a short protocol and they will give me high dose of medication. I'm also going to have a patch from middle of cycle before but can't remember what she called it??

Hurry up January!! Any tips to get prepared are most welcome.

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Make sure you’re taking your folic acid and vitamin d would be my top tip! If you drink caffeine, reduce it. And hubbie should reduce alcohol intake and maybe try anti oxidant vitamins. In terms of things that are proven to help prior to ivf, these are probably the biggies. Obviously making sure you have a healthy diet and reasonable exercise helps too, and very obviously, no smoking! I’m sure your clinic has already told you all this so apologies if I am stating the obvious.

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Thank You! Hate all this waiting!


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