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Hi Everyone

I am really new to all this IVF stuff, learning as I go I suppose. As we don't qualify for NHS funding we have paid to go privately. We have done soooo much research that it all started to get a bit overwhelming! IVF is so expensive! anyway we have finally decided to go with a company called Assured Fertility, who are providing us with a 100% money back guarantee if we don't have a baby. I'm so excited but also really nervous as well, we had out first consultation last Monday and are hoping to have our first fresh embryo transfer at the beginning of December if it all goes well! Has anyone else had/having their treatment with this company? I cant find many reviews online but would LOVE some feedback? Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi Smithy

First of all welcome to this forum, it's such a great source of support and I've found so much advice here from lots of lovely ladies who all really understand the ups and downs of the fertility journey. It is very overwhelming at first but it sounds like you've been doing your research.

We have just had one full cycle of ICSI and we were lucky enough to have that round funded by the NHS. Unfortunately though it was unsuccessful so are now planning our second try which like you, we will have to fund

We have decided to use one of the 'Assured fertility' programmes too which I think a lot of clinics offer as a way for patients to fund themselves. But each individual clinic will still have their own protocols in terms of the drugs they advise etc. Have you started your treatment yet?

I wish you all the best for a successful first round xxx

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Hi Franco! Yes I actually went for my first consultation last Monday! The clinic I'm with are absolutely brilliant, it wouldn't have been my first choice if I was a 'pay as you go patient' but I am so glad I found them because my doctor has a really good knowledge of my PCOS and has given me so much hope. When I first consulted with Assured they told me they would book me in for my initial tests which they paid for, and they booked me in 3 days after I made my initial enquiry. It took about 5 days to get all my results together which was quite quick I think?! and we are going to the second appointment next Wednesday which is when my husband will be having his semen analysis and ill be having a few more tests myself. I'm so excited to have found another Assured fertility patient! please let me know how your treatment goes! Where are you up to so far?? xx


That does sound quick, I've found the waiting is the hardest bit so that's great you're getting going so quickly.

We found a clinic we liked then they told us about the Assured fertility programmes. We have our first consultation with them on the 1st December and as we have already had one cycle of treatment quite recently we hopefully won't need to repeat a lot of the initial investigations. I think we should be starting in January now. I just want to get started!

It's such an exciting yet nerve wracking time, but I always felt better when something was happening. I hope it's all straight forward for you and you can start the treatment process soon x

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yeah I hope all our treatment runs this smoothly but I'm not going to set my hopes up too high just in case! That's so exciting for you I bet you cant wait! Which programme are you on if you don't mind me asking? We are on their basic IVF package and they include ICSI which is great because I think we are going to need it and definitely didn't have the money to pay that extra! good luck with your first consultation :) :) xx


Hello, I’m also looking into assured Fertility how did you find them? X


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