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Hysteroscopy complete and no polyp!

Hi, our fertilized eggs were frozen last week after them seeing what they thought was a polyp on the stimming scans.

I've had the hysteroscopy today and no polyp was found however they said the lining is thicker on one side and is polypy (bumpy) they have taken a biopsy (Bloody hurt) and should hopefully have results in time for consent app on 20th November.

She did say she couldn't see anything that should cause us any problems so fingers crossed we can start fet asap.

Thanks for the advice on what to expect x

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Hi Vicky-01. Ouch! Not nice! However, now that is over with, they have a nice "map" of your womb in order to proceed with your next round of treatment - ? FET. Just wanted to wish you well with it all and hope the biopsy results are OK. Diane


Thanks Diane. Yes next step should be FET. I have another consent app on the 20th of this month and they should have the biopsy results for then.


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