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Hot flushes post BFN? Feeling embarrassed 😳


I am looking fo some advice/words of reassurance. Since my chemical pregnancy nearly four weeks ago I have been experiencing regular hot flushes throughout the day and night... I didn’t get these before or on my first cycle, is it normal? I am also embarrassed to admit it but I am experiencing lack of libido, has anyone else experienced any of these? Should I visit the GP? X

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It will probably take a little while for your body to get back to normal. Try not to worry. Xx


Thank you! It just gets me at the most awkward times and people at work find it funny (it’s really not)! I wonder if it’s my hormones and will settle soon.... still haven’t had a period just bled on the day it all happened so clearly my body is still adjusting. I hope you are doing well xxx


I had them after my miscarriage, it took nearly 3 full cycles for my body to settle down.

Lube is your friend! It took til everything went back to normal before anything was of interest! Poor hubby!

Do see your doctor, he can check you over if something is wrong. And also put you at ease.

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Thank you so much this is really helpful and reassuring! I will wait for af to arrive then go see my go xxx


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