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Hi my husband and I have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for just short of a year, my husband had his sperm count done a while ago and it came back low, under 1000. Has anyone successfully conceived naturally with a sperm count this low.

Gp said we need to try for a year before we will be referred to a fertility clinic

Each month is torture waiting to see if this is the month for us

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Hi PinkF. Yes, it can happen, but be prepared that you may need to be referred for IVF/ICSI. You could try giving your husband a good quality multi-vitamin tablet along with some extra zinc and selenium. This might help with the way they swim, and who knows? Good luck, and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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I’ve read a lot about men taking multi vitamins, improving diet etc. Take one month at a time and try not to put too much pressure on things, as these journies can be long and straining. Wishing you the best x

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It can definitely happen.

To try to improve things, my clinic suggests condensyl for men or menevit. Expensive but they contain everything needed to improve sperm quality.

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