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Not sure what to think

Hi everyone hope you are doing as well as you can be.

Last night i started my injections for my 2nd round.

Im not sure how i feel about this cycle. Last time i was pretty excited, nervous etc about it but this time i feel nothing. No butterflies no nerves no nothing. I dont know if it has anything to do with the slight delay in getting started.

I didnt even have to psych myself up to do the injection. Just got on with it.

Is this normal, i feel like im just going through the motions, maybe i dont want to feel anything as i dont want to get my hopes up. Having to deal with the bfn in July was heartbreaking.

How did you all feel starting a new cycle?

Lots of love xx

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I felt exactly the same for my second round - just going through the motions with the drugs. 💩 did get real with the baseline scan and EC though! I took it as a good thing that I was calmer and more relaxed for most of it - I think some of it is because you know what’s coming so it’s less stressful - does that make sense?!? Best of luck xxx


Hi Mrsgled1982. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to feel relaxed as you go through this round. At least you know how to do your injections etc. Just have a rest when you can and keep busy in between. Obviously, I've got everything crossed for you this time round. Thinking of you. Diane


I am starting my second cycle next month and I feel the same! I was so excited first time round and now I feel nothing. It worries that I feel like this. Good to know I'm not on my own!


Could be a coping mechanism to not get your hopes up too much- as you said.

Keep my fingers crossed for you, try to be positive and strong xx


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