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2WW update.. not looking good :(

This 2 week journey has been such a rollercoaster! I've had a really busy week at work where I just felt like killing everyone, then on Saturday morning I had some pink/red spotting. Too late in the game to be implantation bleeding I think? It was 10dp2dt.. I was devastated, cried all day and felt utterly terrible. I woke up this morning and tested, it was negative. I haven’t had any other blood though, apart from that one instance of spotting. Still have cramps though, and boobs are no longer sore. I am pretty sure it hasn’t happened for me but I will wait to test again on Wednesday morning anyway.

I am so thankful for my man though. He is such a rock and handles my pain so beautifully. He is also in pain but is so strong for us both. If this journey teaches me anything, its that I am so lucky to have him.

Good luck to you all and much love xx

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Just wait and re-test tomorrow. You are lucky to have him

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Please try not to lose hope it's not over yet big hugs xxx

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Keep my fingers crossed for you xx


Thankyou but I just started AF so it's a no this time 😞


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