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Trying to plan a surprise for a friend of mine’s birthday who partner is pregnant as it’s a surprise I messaged her about it. She just said that when I messaged her she thought I was going to say that I’m pregnant! Part of me wants to cry, part of me hopes it’s a sign, part of me laughed and knew that if she knew how insensitive that was she never would have said it

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Just sending you a big hug hun. Some people really just don't think before they speak/ text hope your ok 💗🤗😘


People don't have a clue wha they're saying sometimes!! However I would much rather take the comment from someone who doesn't know the situation than unkind comments from people who do know!!! I have 2 sister in laws who both know now about our IVF & 1 shoves her child in my face every time & the other one won't come near me with her children. It's as if the first one is saying it's ok - I can play with my niece & the second one thinks that I'm going to steal her children!!!!


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