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Stress levels through the roof !

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So after 3 failed transfers this year I thought it couldn't possibly get anymore stressful. However I found a lump in my breast back in the summer. I was reassured it was just hormonal tissue. As it didn't go after treatment I went back to gp, I had the breast clinic last night and now have to have a biopsy on Thursday. I just feel like my life is a living hell at the minute 😥. The consultant reassured me that it's just benign fibroid tissue, but just wants a biopsy to confirm it. So more poking, prodding :( ... I think it may have been down to the fertility drugs causing changes in my breasts. I've also got a fibroid behind my uterus. My mum seems to thinks it just a reaction to the hormones. It's just tipped me over the edge tbh! I can't wait to see the back of 2017 😥

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Aww Hun I’m so sorry thinking of you I’m sure all is fine and the biopsy is as the consultant said just to rule anything out. Take care xx

I'm sorry to hear you're going through more upset. I hope everything goes ok and it sounds like the consultant is confident everything is ok it's just routine. X

Oh babe You’ve really been through the mill this year haven’t you. I’m glad to hear they are looking after you though, I am sure you will be fine. Just take it a step at a time and at new year be sure to stick two fingers up to 2017!!! Xxxx

I’m waiting for biopsy result after having mole removed last week. It’s horrid isn’t it? hope all is ok xxx

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