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Long protocol advice please ๐Ÿค—

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So, on an antagonist protocol which ive understood as the long proto. Anyways i have questions that i need help with. ๐Ÿ˜ Start Gonal-F at 300iu on 21st October. Start cetrorelix on the 25th october at .25mgs daily until HSG. Got all my dates for my scans today too. My burning questions are;

Do i take both the Gonal and Cetro at the same time?

Do I get another injection not listed as my trigger or is the cetrorelix actually the trigger injection - i just take my last one 36hrs before collection and then all my follicles will be ripe for the picking.

Do the fertility clinic give me my time to take the cetrorelix & gonal-f for my last day of injections?

Im only on norethisterone at the minute until 16th, baseline scan on 20th so if i have no answers by then ill ask my nurse, but oh so confused haha! Thanks in advance xx

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Hi Your clinic will be able to answer all your questions, it really is best to write them all down and speak to them. I am sure they will be very helpful :) Good luck xxx

I didn't take exactly the same drugs as you but I use to take my gonal f and buserelin (down reg drug) at the same time.

Once I was ready for EC I was advised by my clinic as to what time I should take each Injection.

I've done the long protocol twice now and it really does become more straightforward as you go along but any questions definitely ask them. Good luck xx

That's similar to the protocol that I'm on except instead of gonal-f I'm on Menopur. It's really confusing but i believe that is actually the short protocol because we aren't on down regulating drugs which adds 1-2 weeks to the cycle (thus making it the long protocol).

I was told to take Menopur and Centro at the same time. And I'm only on day 2 of injections but I believe the trigger shot (hcg) is actually another separate injection you should get later. And the clinic should tell you the exact time for the trigger shot (not sure if you're still meant to take the other two on the same day)

Good luck! I'm just ahead of you by a bit. I had my baseline scan this past Monday. Good luck and I'll let you know when I get closer to trigger of what I've just said it true or BS ๐Ÿ˜

I didn't have to take stims on the day of my trigger injection.

I was on a protocol that meant I was taking three injections at the same time at the end... used to take me half an hour to get it done!

I was on a different combination entirely but used to take both injections at the same time. The trigger shot was completely different and the clinic gave me a very specific time to take it (36 hrs ahead of EC). I didn't take the other injections on the same day as the trigger shot but I took mine in the evening so don't know whether it would have made a difference if I was taking them in the morning. Your clinic should definitely be able to answer all your questions. Like bluewanderlust said, it's a good idea to write them all down so you don't forget them. I'd always leave my appointments and then realise there was something I'd forgotten to ask! Best of luck with your cycle!

I'm on antagonist which is a short protocol

Im only going by my form issued by the clinic that says antagonist, ive been on norethisterone since day 24 of my cycle (3days before AF) due, and come off it in 6 days. My fertility nurse said i was on long protocol too when i was in. My cycle plan is norethisterone for 6 days, baseline scan, day after start gonalF, 4 days later start cetrorelix, scans in between. On injections for 10days total. Then take ovitrel - 36 hrs ec, 3/5 days later et. I dont get it! ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

abcgirl in reply to RobynL

Oh and that's basically the same plan I'm on except as mentioned I'm on Menopur instead of gonal-F. When we were first given the plan my husband said something like, that's such a long time and she said, actually this is the shortest plan you can be on ๐Ÿ˜

The nurse might have just misspoke. Either way I suppose it doesn't really matter if you're on long or short as there are so many different combinations of drugs. This might help explain though if you're still confused ...manchesterfertility.com/blo...


Hi RobynL. Of course your nurse will give you a proper detailed injection regime and scans etc. However, the aim of using an antagonist (Cetrotide) is that by not suppressing (down regulating) your ovaries with nasal spray, the stimulation injections work with your own hormones and then the antagonist just stops you ovulating before egg collection. The benefit of using this type of drug is that an antagonist cycle means all the drugs are usually given within a 2 week period of time so it ends up as a shorter process. Good luck with it all. Diane

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