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Well having a misscarrige at the start of September this being our second chance. Woke up this morning to my periods very heavy but no cramping weird. But good news can't start looking forward to next try. Might be using my eggs but a sperm donor. Not got my follow up appointment until the 14th November. Got so a lot of questions and want some answers. Why does it take do long for them to get u back up. My jounery started in June. We gutted it did not work. I'm so glad have good support from my husband and some family members. Other people are like so u have lossed a baby so what buy I think it's a bit harder for us having to go down this path it's all about waiting. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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Hey completely agree. People don't quite understand it's not just a loss and then trying again for us, it's all the waiting around waiting to start again and it's hard!! People who haven't suffered with infertility and been through what we have don't quite get that!

Very sorry to hear about your loss, each time I've just wanted to throw myself back into treatment, honestly looking back the break did us some good and the months do come in quick. It's still a difficult wait though!

November isn't too long away and hopefully they'll be able to start you almost right away with your next treatment after your follow up appointment.

Just wanted to wish you luck 🍀 Xxx

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I'm really sorry for your loss. If people haven't experienced it themselves they have no idea how painful it is. I understand how difficult the waiting is too, time seems to stand still. Thinking of you and hope your next cycle is a success. Take care. Xx

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Hi Bpmr. Not easy having suffered a miscarriage, so I hope you've received plenty of support. Just wanted to wish you well for when you start again. Annoying having to wait, but they usually like you to have had a "normal" period before starting again, as it's easier to work out medication etc. Thinking of you. Diane


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