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And we had a smiley face ☺

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After going back and forth I've finally had a smiley face on my ovulation test so on my way to the clinic for another scan and to pick up my trigger shot and finally set up a date for my FET. It was two very long months but we're finally on the right track can't wait to have my embabie back where it belongs. Hope everyone is having good news to celebrate because every step as to be celebrated because in the end it will be worthy.. Baby dust to all of us

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Was this a flashing or static smiley face? I've had the flashing one for 4 days now but no static one yet and don't know whether to be worried or not? Xx

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pinto8 in reply to LauraGU

It was a static. Can't really help because it was my first time using it was just told to wait for the smileyface which came out straight away.

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