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Zoladex and low ovarian reserve

Hi Ladies (I doubt the men have experience about this...lol)

I have recently had a myomectomy and laparoscopy - 7th September. Even though what seemed like endo-pain turned out to be that I do not have endometriosis anymore but just that my ovaries are very scarred and glued to (can't remember where).

My surgeon has now advised I go on Zoladex for the next 9months to allow my ovaries rest before any fertility treatment but on the other hand, my fertility consultant thinks my ovaries may shutdown completely.....argghhh.

Anyone had this experience and what was the outcome for you? Also don't forget I have had my injections in the fridge for months now and their expiry date is 08/2018

Thanks and I hope your fertility journeys have been much smoother xxx

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Hi me08. Do you really have to have the Zoladex for so long? Obviously you're best guided by yor specialist, but 3-6 months is the norm. Hopefully they will get your ovaries to work well again afterwards. Good luck! Diane


DianeArnold thanks for coming back to me. I will go to the hospital for my 1st injection on tuesday so I can discuss better with them on a possibility of 6months. Though the fertility clinic want me to come in for a checkup 3-4months into using Zoladex to see how my ovaries are behaving.


Hi me08. Well, at least they are keeping an eye on things, so I feel less worried now. Good luck! Diane

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Hi me08 - I am currently on zoladex (I have had 4 already) and the ACU is weighing up whether to start my first cycle of IVF mid-Nov or until January. They're not keen for me to be on the zoladex for so long and I have read some horror stories out there, where women who have had to wait up to 4-5 months for the period to start again. I am really hoping we start in Nov!


Hi Kiran, how are you getting on? I feel awful and tired most times. Oh and irritated and angry. I had my 2nd injection yesterday (23/10/2017) but my IVF cycle doesn't start till next year (perfect timing as I have got a lot on my plate with work and school right now). I hope your IVF cycle goes well, please keep me posted to know how quickly your period returned after stopping the injection. I don't stop my injection till March. All the best with your cycle xxx


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