Cetrimide for FET ?

Hi, I already have 2 x frozen embryos and have just started taking drugs for hopefully having one transferred this cycle. 2nd day of my cycle and did a cetrimide injection tonight. That was so difficult! I couldn't get the stuff out of the vial into the injection, kept leaving some behind. I kept squirting it back and starting again. Eventually got most of it back in and injected it. All good except a big red mark on my tummy! Any tips for getting all the liquid back in after mixing it? I am also taking 3 x HRT tablets a day (forget the name) I also don't really understand what these drugs are actually doing, assume it's to make the womb lining right for the transfer? Good luck everyone!

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  • You're probably taking progynova to thicken your lining. Wishing you luck xx

  • Hi. I see they answered your other post, so hope it goes well now. By the way, Cetritide is a disinfectant - it's Cetrotide! Good luck! Diane

  • Ha ha it was only after I posted it that I realised my iPad had done auto correct!! Another nightmare tonight, there was a gap between the fluid and the top of the injection, but the actual needle was full and a tiny bead came out when the plunger was pushed up a little. Is the gap air or just a vacuum ? I injected with it but it felt different from yesterday....I know it's dangerous to inject air!!!

  • Hi. Try to stop worrying about this. Injecting air is only dangerous if done intravenously. The tiny bead is fine. you're doing ok. Good luck! Diane

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