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Feeling impatient

So we are ready to start round 2, and had the go ahead from all involved mid-august - so just waiting for AF to come! As I am so irregular my consultant gave me a prescription to bring on a bleed if I get too impatient, which I am becoming.....!

I am just a little worried about taking more medication on top of the IVF drugs, I wanted to at least have a "natural" AF but I am currently 6 weeks late, and even for me that is pushing it a bit.

Has anyone else had to have medication before hand to bring on AF? Was all ok?

I know they wouldn't of prescribed it if they didn't think it was good for me but just feeling a bit deflated and annoyed at my stupid body as I had hoped to be started by now.

Any advice would be appreciated! x

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Only you can decide whether you want to take the medication but from having been on this forum for a while it seems that AF is often late the one time you want it to happen! I put it down to the stress of wanting it to happen! I hope she shows up soon!


Hello lovely, I had to take prognova (I think that's what it was called) to make sure AF came at the right time for my first IVF cycle. No side effects and it brought it on when it should have come. I just looked at it as part of the IVF drugs if that makes sense. Try not to worry xxx wishing u lots of luck xxx


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