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Really confused

Hello not been on here for a while as trying to get back to normal (what ever that is) after been through first lot of ivf and we thought it failed . But 3 weeks later I'm still suffering from bad cramps and swollen breasts which are a little bumpy now. Can it be that my body is getting back to normal or am I actually pregnant. I'm also off my food but craving sweet things and have gone off chocolate . I've done several tests and they have come back negative . My period is due now but so far nothing . I'm just suffering with back ache and stomach cramps .

Any one got any advice

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Hi. I would phone your clinic and speak to the nurse. Maybe you can have a blood test ( if not already had one) at least then you will know for definite either way. Also tell her the symptoms you are having and they can maybe help.


Have you stopped all your medication? You period should arrive shortly after you stop all the pessaries.

Have you had a blood test?



Hi Lind1607. If you are getting negative tests and stopped all medication, perhaps your clinic will check for final with a blood test? Worth asking. Hope all soon gets back to normal for you. Diane


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