Really confused

Hello not been on here for a while as trying to get back to normal (what ever that is) after been through first lot of ivf and we thought it failed . But 3 weeks later I'm still suffering from bad cramps and swollen breasts which are a little bumpy now. Can it be that my body is getting back to normal or am I actually pregnant. I'm also off my food but craving sweet things and have gone off chocolate . I've done several tests and they have come back negative . My period is due now but so far nothing . I'm just suffering with back ache and stomach cramps .

Any one got any advice

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  • Hi. I would phone your clinic and speak to the nurse. Maybe you can have a blood test ( if not already had one) at least then you will know for definite either way. Also tell her the symptoms you are having and they can maybe help.

  • Have you stopped all your medication? You period should arrive shortly after you stop all the pessaries.

    Have you had a blood test?


  • Hi Lind1607. If you are getting negative tests and stopped all medication, perhaps your clinic will check for final with a blood test? Worth asking. Hope all soon gets back to normal for you. Diane

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