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DHEA - good advice or not?


Morning, just looking to find out success stories with people using DHEA. I've ordered, from a recommended UK site 50mg doses but have read that it should maybe be 75mg!! We're heading to USA in a couple of weeks so have already sussed out where to pick up more if need be. Just looking to find out what people's experiences have been on it - good and bad!!

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I just listened to a podcast episode and she briefly addresses DHEA and other supplements. itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast.... (Ignore the title - the first half of the episode is about supplements)

lorraineb61 in reply to abcgirl

didn't even know these things existed - thanks x

I can honestly say I had nothing but good! Unfortunately I didn't get my bro but had had better embryos and more eggs in both of my cycles after I took it, I'll not bore you with my story as you can read my previous posts. Hair slightly greasier and enhanced not a big bit I guess that just meant it was working if my hormones were increased! I took 3x25mg per day so 75mg in total but you can decrease if you feel it's too much! You can also watch a Dr Gleicher on you tube from New York talking about it!xx

that's reassuring to hear - I've followed your story over the last few months. Hopefully it will work for both of us xx

Thank you!!xx

I took 75 mg daily for 3 months before cycle and during. I got pregnant with first cycle so I really think they helped :) xx

that's great news - these are the kind of things I like to hear xx

I took it as was a non responder. 3 times a day. It was a night and day difference for me.

wow!! I'm quite a poor responder too - 3 eggs cycle 1, 1 egg cycle 2. we're going to give it the 3 months I think before we go for another cycle x

I went from 1 follicle to 7!

Oh wow - that is night & day!!! Feeling quite reassured now to continue with this. I'll even put up with the beard (if it comes!!!) x

My hair did thin a little. My leg hair turned dark! And never turned back...so that was weird! I was that lucky person that didn't have to shave...until DHEA!

I'm currently using DHEA. I'm hopefully it helps us. I've been given it for my egg quality as we normally get about 6 eggs but quality has always been poor.

My side effects so far are all manageable. Hair is falling out more but nothing that anyone would notice, spots are a lot more and I've went from having loads of energy to being pretty tired. Plus I believe the side effects are reversible. So all in all if it works for me I would def say worth it. Too soon for me to say though.

Are you taking it for the 3 months as recommended & what dose are you taking? I ordered 50mg but am worried now that it's not enough as most people seem to be taking 75mg. We're heading to America next week anyway so will pick up more probably. Our 3rd cycle will be in November I think to give the DHEA a chance to work. Hopefully it works for both of us x

Just order the 25 mg and take that one at night good luck xx

Yeah I'm on 75mg a day for 3 months then we are due back to try our 4th go in October.

Obviously check with your consultant but mine told me if I could only get the 50mg it wasn't a problem just alternate the dose so it work out as 75mg per day. So like two one day then one the next. He said that was fine.

OK - I never thought to try that - we don't have our consultant appointment till we come back from holiday at the end of September so would rather be ahead of the game when we go in!!

Good luck for October x

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