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IVF Clinic#which one to choose from #confused


hi All

I am in the process of choosing a private IVF clinic in London. My head feels crazy and confused with there being so many clinics to choose from. How do I choose the right one for me? how did you choose? would anybody recommend me any clinics that they have used please? do I go to one consultation or choose a few?

Thank you x

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I am currently going through the NHS for my ivf but I think if this second cycle fails I will move to private. I can't really offer much advice but I guess the internet will be loads of help, read reviews and statistics but it's also about the quality of care you receive. Do these clinics offer an introduction appointment so you can get the feel of the place? Not much help really sorry, hopefully some ladies on here who live in London can offer more advice. Good luck 😊 xx

cryst4l in reply to beauty1984

how long are you waiting on nhs? I have my nxt app at the hospital late oct but I am conscious that I dnt have time on my hands to wait around nw hence trying private. I think all clinics have good and bad reviews I guess, all based on individual experiences. thanks for your well wishes. good luck with yours too xx

I had an appointment on 6th June and booked in my next ivf, the next available appointment was 22nd September so I've waited just over 3 months. I know what you mean though, it seems to take so long to actually get anywhere and it's not like I'm old, I'm 33 and still have a lot of time but my worry is the longer it takes then the less eggs I will produce. There are so many positive stories about NHS and private so it just comes down to your own preference and what you feel is best 😊 xx

cryst4l in reply to beauty1984

You have time, don't worry, I will be 38 in March and due to my condition I have chosen to hurry the process and just try and get the funds somehow to go straight to private as I can't take the physical pain I am in waiting on the nhs. I also don't have a great amh level due to age and my condition. Hope it all works out for you - what a journey this is hey xx

Just check the rules with your ccg, in some areas having a private round of nhs ivf can mean you are no longer entitled to an nhs round later. It's different in different areas. X

thanks Lizzie, my area is one round only on nhs and i can have 2 private rounds and still have an nhs round. such a postcode lottery. but I know nhs will do what that can to delay things so to avoid thevfunding.

Sounds the same as my area then. We also did a private round first then took our NHS round at the same clinic and it was the right thing to do for us... not least because we needed more expensive drugs on the second round and that meant they were paid for by the NHS... every little helps!

Totally agree every penny counts, private probably charge for everything and anything. did it work for you? with nhs

Neither round worked but got us closer to finding out the problem. You can see our ups and downs from posts on my page if you're interested... too long to go into here!!!


Hi cryst41. Always confusing trying to decide. Why not look out for some open days/evenings, when you can go and look around and see how you feel. Always worth a shot. Reading success rates etc is not always helpful, as the results are usually 2 years old anyway, as they take a while to get in and collate. However, wherever you do decide to go, I wish you every success. Diane

cryst4l in reply to DianeArnold

hi Diane, the open days are a while away,but I will keep hold of nhs appointment as well, as you are right, it might take me a while to get the ball rolling, I dont even know, nhs v's private - who knows - thanks for your well wishes, hope all ok with you

I went to visit 2 private clinics for a free information session. Gave me a good feel for both and along with the information they gave us and the statistics on the HFEA website, we've chosen which we'd go with if our NHS FET is unsuccessful. Good luck with deciding - I would recommend keeping your NHS appointment open in case you do decide to go there. I know it seems a long time away, end of Oct but it is now 2 months and may take you a month to decide on private clinics. Good luck with it all xxx

cryst4l in reply to 7AVA

I am guessing with private we get things done quicker, but with nhs its the wait, not sure if there are other major differences really, but private clinics in London dont offer on the nhs so I am assuming the quality of care may be better? who knows. Good luck on your journey too xx

7AVA in reply to cryst4l

Yes, the waiting is the hardest part but I personally couldn't fault our NHS provider for the quality of care. Our first cycle wasn't successful and we have a FET to use before going down the private route if necessary. I know others on here have found the treatment with private is more personalised to them. I think the important thing is to start contacting clinics to go for a visit - I only meant to keep your NHS apt as a back up option if you're not happy or undecided about the private clinics. Perhaps put a post up asking for recommendations for London Clinics - and people to private message you? Good luck, wishing you every success whichever route you opt for xxx

I got my NHS treatment at a private clinic in central London. It was brilliant as well - I'd definitely recommend it (message me if you want more info). I had a choice of several central London private clinics so quite a few definitely do offer NHS treatments as well.

But as well as looking at the pregnancy outcome stats, I think it's important to consider which clinic is easiest for you. Ours was 10 mins walk away from work so it meant I needed no time off at all during my cycle.

I'd totally agree that if you can go closer to home or to work, it will reduce your stress around appointments.

I've got endometriosis so looked for ones that had a higher treatment level for my condition. My consultant also knew a really good endo surgeon so was able to put me in touch with him. Message me if you want to know the name of my clinic as I don't think I can say publicly. It's not the cheapest but they were amazing. We are thinking about going back soon in the hope to have our second baby.

Good luck all

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