2 embryo transfer?

Hi all,

My consultant explained that at my next appointment they will be referring me for icsi, this will be a referral to a different hospital/ clinic as they don't do it locally.

I was just wondering what he experiences are of having 2 embryos transferee? I know it is throwned apron, however I have done a lot of research and this is something both me and my husband want. I'm 27, so I know it might be a push to get this?

I am also in the process of moving jobs, obviously not ideal when going through fertility treatment, however the stress was not helping and I have found something more suitable. Has anyone had experience on delaying a few months to start NHS treatment once funding agreed? I also am apprehensive after news of several areas completing cutting funding so I don't want to miss the boat!

Any advice please :)

Katie x

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  • Hiya, I had 2 embryos transferred for each of my FET cycles unfortunately both were unsuccessful but they did say I could have 2 again this fresh cycle if I wanted. I think it's definitely worth talking about at your new clinic.

    Regarding delaying treatment I delayed this cycle by a couple of months and I actually felt better for it, my head was in a much better space and I was able to focus on getting myself 'ready'. Totally understand your concerns about the funding though x

  • To transfer two highly depends on the circumstances. There could only be one embryo to transfer, you might have varying embryo quality so they may only want to transfer a high quality embryo and not risk putting other lower quality embryos back in with the high quality one etc etc. Lots of scenarios that you never know what would happen till the day of ET.

    It seems clinics in the UK have had their wrists slapped on multiple births and although the idea of twins is wonderful the pregnancy is more risky.

    Personally I only ever wanted the single transfer as i have identical twins running down the maternal side and i didn't want to take the risk. Also I'd seen a few horror stories on forums of one embryo miscarrying/ implanting badly and taking the other with it.

    As for the delaying you could go to the first appointment and ask the clinic if the ccg can pull funding after its agreed. They would probably know the system quite well.

  • As above you could ask the clinic (or the ccg) if they can pull funding once agreed..i delayed starting by a couple of months due to other stressors but was private anyway so didn't have to think about funding. As above there are lots of things that could influence whether you can have 2 embies but back but the latest research does contradict what has traditionally been done for years - theguardian.com/science/201...

    It makes interesting reading and is worth thinking about.

    Good luck whatever you decide xxx

  • Thanks everyone :)

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