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Should I be taking any supplements during 2WW?...


Hi Ladies, hope your all doing ok! For those of you on your 2WW I feel your pain as am currently 8dp5dt and the days are really dragging! Just wondered if any of you are taking any suplements as I wasn't told to take anything specifically but am wondering if I should be taking folic acid or pregnacare at this stage or is it only if I get a BFP?!..

Thanks for your advice! x

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Hi. I know. I only had transfer yesterday and I can't believe it's only been 1 day!!! Goodness knows how long the next week's are gunna be!

I'm only taking my seven seas preconception vitamin containing folic acid and vitamin D. The nurse said to just carry on eating and drinking as normal.

Thinking of you. I hope time speeds up for us all! Xxx


The time does really drag,

You should be taking folic acid until 12 weeks of pregnancy if it's BFP,

Wishing you lots of luck

I took the seven seas trying for a baby, xx

Nickie17 in reply to Leesalou

Thanks, assume isn't too late to start taking folic acid now? Im off to the chemist to get some! x

Leesalou in reply to Nickie17

Nope never too late

say seven seas one have vit d in too there approx £5 In purple a pack xx

Nickie17 in reply to Leesalou

Ok great thanks x

Hi, definitely folic acid and vitamin D at least the amount of 25 x

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