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Day 15pt of 1x 5d blast

Hi all

Looking for some success stories to give me hope...

I've been bleeding for past two days, today is day 15 post embryo transfer and the home test was negative, but after the 3mins a very faint line has appeared. Clinic says I can continue progesterone pessaries and retake test in 3days if I want to.

Anyone else had a similar experience with a positive outcome??

My sis says I need to get a digital test as it takes guess work out of things so I'll do that and test again, think in my heart I know it's negative but nurse said 'stranger things have happened' so I'm just holding on even if there's the tiniest of chances.

Would be good to hear from anyone going through the same thing... virtual hugs to you all!!

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Praying for you. We are here to support each other. I hope to hear from you soon. My best wishes.


I wish you the best. And I hope you can be victorious over this. Keep faith and hope that everything will go well.

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Hope all is ok x try the clear blue digital it may be better for you x


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