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Transfer on Friday, anyone else similar?

Hello lovely ladies

We're going on Friday for our frozen cycle embryo transfer, after failed cycle a few months ago.

Feeling excited to be back on the bandwagon, but also slightly apprehensive. Have a couple of days off work so will be able to relax.

Is anyone else at a similar stage of their cycle? Xx

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Hi Sunshineyellow. Just wanted to wish you well for Friday, and of course for success. With a "name" like that, I shall remember you as I look at my wonderful sunflowers! Diane


Thank you Diane. Appreciate your support xx


Gud luck for Friday xx


Thank you!! How are you doing? Nice to hear from you!! Xx


I'm gud thanks just got married 2 and half weeks ago so will bb getting back on the wagon soon. No frozen tho and my 1 nhs gone so will need to starting looking at clinics for private. Hope all works work for u this time xx


Oh amazing congratulations!!!! Hope you had a fab day. Wishing you the best of luck with whatever you decide and keep in touch.

Thanks for your well wishes xxx


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