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Hello from Spain!

I'm back girls! I spent a few days off because I lost my phone on a walk. Only yesterday we were able to buy another, but I do not have a telephone number yet. We will wait until we return.

I wanted to tell you that we are in Madrid, Spain. We've been here for three days and it's beautiful. I feel extremely relaxed, I have not thought about the whole issue of infertility since I've been here. Soon I will send you pictures, my connection to wifi is not very good. :c

I think of all of you and send you my best wishes. A hug to everyone!


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Enjoy, I'mfrom Portugal (really close to spain) so I know how amazing it's Madrid. Best wishes


thank you! xx


Usually most residents run away in August to avoid the heat so it's a nice time to visit without the crowd.

Enjoy the late hours, the warm nights... Walk slowly inside El Prado (free from 6 to 8 PM) and sit on the grass at Templo de Debod (a whole Egyptian temple donated by Egypt) to see the sunset. I love that!

Have a great time!


It sounds beautiful. I'll put it on our agenda. Thank you!



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