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Spoken to fertility consultant secretary. 😄

Hi everyone.

Me again sorry!

I have spoken to our fertility consultant secretary and she was really nice and said how sorry she was for our news.

I asked her to pass on a message to our consultant- my first pregnancy I bled heavily at 7 weeks and it was termed by medics as " a threatened miscarriage" (I did go full term and had a boy) , I told her all about the pregnancy I have just lost-the bleeding at 4 weeks 3 days, the duration of it and the clots plus endo pain, I wanted to know if my consultant thought there was anything else we could do t help promote a better outcome- he has authorised Prednisone and progesterone pessaries to take from positive test to 12 weeks. I have to know I have done all I can.

The consultant is off on holiday until the 30th but still I'll get my answers. My period isn't due till 24th august so not much we can do anyhow!

I know if there is anything he can do he will do it he has been very good to us.

I will update when I get a response in case this maybe useful to anyone else in a similar situation to me. xoxo

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