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Waiting for AF

Hi all,

The only time I want AF to arrive and it's 9 days late already. We did a test at the weekend but it was negative.

We had a failed IVF cycle a few months back, so just waiting to start round 2.

Has anyone got experience with late periods after IVF? When do you think I should call my clinic?

I was doing well since the BFN, but I'm starting to really struggle now. I think it's the waiting.


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Hope it hurrys up for you so you can crack on with cycle 2.

Wishing you lots of luck xx


I've had the same and know how frustrating and stressful it can be, when I got to 60 days I called the clinic and they gave me northisterone, I should have gone sooner though and saved the stress!!!

I'm currently waiting for AF now too 😡


Thanks ladies.

Wow 60 days is a long time, that must have been so hard for you Se99!

I'll hold fire until next week and get them a call.


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