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Feeling angry and let down by doctors Surgery!


Sorry this is a rant!

You might know I asked my GP for the progesterone pessaries after my bleeding fiasco.

She contacted my Fertility specialist ( his assistant poo pooed my idea) anyway the final decision lay with our consultant. He has decided it would be beneficial to take progesterone pessaries as well as Prednisone for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. He emailed my doctor earlier last week and no one from my surgery bothered to let me know. I'm absolutely fuming. The prescription was sent over my chemist on FRIDAY yes Friday. They seem happy to put my baby's life at risk. I don't think I've ever felt quite as angry as I do now 😬 it was only my husband insisising I should get my answers either way that I know I need to take it. The receptionist was so blaise about it I could've screamed. Rant over.

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Oh dear Hun! That's awful! I would make a formal complaint. I'd also take the time to write down why it is making you so anxious. The receptionists in particular need to be aware that there is a difference between an anxious mum to be who has conceived naturally and one who has been through the horror of fertility treatment. I would outline the need for compassion and understanding because you aren't excited at the moment, you're blooming terrified which is totally to be expected given your experiences. My logical side is saying don't panic because you've managed to get this far without the progesterone but do be insistent that you get it today. Sending you a big hug. 😘 xxx

Sorry to read this Jess! It's just not good enough is it?? I would write an official letter of complaint. We put up with enough s*** on this journey, you do not need it exacerbated by 'couldn't-care-less' attitudes and poor communication.

Rage!!!!! I'd lose my mind, so frustrating and a lack of competence. Get on your prescription, give yourself time to chill and make a thorough complaint once it's less raw. Don't let it ruin anymore of your day. You and baby deserve some trashy tv, sofa and something tasty!

That is an absolute liberty. I'm not surprised your fuming my heart is, beating so fast right now I'm mad for you. This is not on you would expect a lot more. Make sure you complain because that will give them all the kick up the bum they need. I hope you feel better once you have the meds in your hand but make sure they know how irresponsible they've been and how much of a nervous wreck you've been it's really not fare to put anyone through this at all. This journey is hard enough as it is without simple lack of communication mistakes. Playing with people's life's it's not on. Look after yourself hun. Good luck for your scan too x

There is a communication problem most the time and that's why i have learnt to chase things up and annoy people if I have to. Please please don't get stressed. I know its hard when a service we rely on is appalling. Sometimes I hope that I read of an area in the UK where services are AMAZING and everything runs like clock work and where staff read your notes before they speak to you. There very often is no empathy and unfortunately maybe because of the strain on GP services staff have become complacent. I have found that even privately the services aren't perfect. I had a scan years ago which showed I had fibroids. No one phoned me after I had the scan to give me the results. I had to chase them. I got an appointment with a GP and he said "it looks like you have fibroids, I don't know anything about fibroids" and he printed something off the internet for me to read! He was rushing the appointment and really didn't care. I didn't get a referral and he just said "its a common problem in women". He left it at that. Hindsight is great but I was a lot younger at the time and didn't think it would grow into a problem for me because I was led to believe that its a "common" problem. I really wanted to tell him to shove his information and walk out but seems like a lot of the women on here are just so nice and we do just hope and put our trust in Drs to do what's best and to follow things up especially in times like early pregnancy. I really feel for you and I hope you can take a deep breath and let it go because unfortunately the system is flawed. I would stay on top of your surgery if you need anything else because like my surgery they clearly won't phone you and are happy to let you wait the weekend to collect a simple prescription! It's messed up, it really is. x

Oh sweetie I know how you feel. I am with you on this. I have managed to completely bypass my doctors as they are absolutely useless. I never let my clinic send any of my notes to my GP. When I rang my doctors for my booking appointment I demanded that I did not want any treatment via my GP and wanted to be treated directly by midwife and hospital. You have every right to complain, put it in writing and start shaking some of their feathers down girl!!xxx

Words fail me!! Flipping heck, raging for you!xx


This is where it gets even better.

So I went to the pharmacy to pick up my progestone pessaries. And low and behold nothing there!!!! And no prescription had been sent. Flipping fuming and stressed at this point. Luckily or unluckily my husband is off this week and saw red when this happened! And stormed over to the doctor surgery and demanded an explanation!!!! ( In a calm way apparently this I'm not sure I believe him!). And they got my GP to issue the prescription there and then. This is the same doctor who dismissed my endo pain so my husband has a grudge to bear with him!!! It looks like it was his error what a surprise! The man is a insensitive git! Anyway he looked at my husband and was walking towards my husband till he glared at him and he shot back into his office quickly. Honest to god don't need the stress and I think my husband was angry as they put our baby at risk with their whole uselessness. I phoned a few pharmacys but no one has any so had to be ordered. This has been done and it should be at my chemist by tomorrow morning. I have calmed down now but am shocked and applalied by their inefficiency..

Thanks for the kind words and it's nice to know I wasn't over reacting. xoxo

it's not on. At all. Set of pillocks 😒 same attitude here I'm afraid. My gp prescribed a dose of folic acid about 2000 times too strong ( not exaggerations) and cocked up my thyroid meds and overdosed me on that! Idiots!! We had waited just short of 6 years for this baby and i was raging!! If your not pro active and virtually manage them you would get nowhere!!

I know! I'm already struggling with this pregnancy ( lost blood at just over 4 weeks which I haven't managed to get out of my head) I didn't need this extra stress on top. Its been a really horrible start to the pregnancy and trying now feels to pale in comparison to this. I am so scared of being gone.. I had one day to enjoy being pregnant then the bleeding and have been stressed ever since.

That is terrible! You are totally right to be angry and I would put a formal complaint in because this is pure incompetence and negligence even!


I left a gp practice all because of the rude receptionists who would try and stop you from accessing the surgery services and would hope that being rude to you would get rid of you and you had to really fight for an appointment which isn't really on!

At my current practice the receptionists are nice and give you an appointment without there being any fights for one and the women doctors in the practice are nice as well so it pays to change your surgery and make a complaint to the practice manager as there's probably plenty of other patients suffering in silence.

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