So just been to the pharmacy, went to the one at the clinic for ease, and nearly fell over at the cost of my 1st lot of meds. We are self funded and aware of all the costs involved but I was taken aback how much for just one lot of medication.

Wonder if anyone had any advice on how to keep these costs to a minimum? Would I have been better to go to a chemist rather than the clinic?

Although the costs are scary I am excited to hopefully be starting my journey soon.

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  • Asda. 10% cheaper as they don't make a profit on them (hope it's not seen as advertising) xx

  • Hi, I would go to Asda. Asda sell IVF medication at cost price, so they don't add any markup on prices. Also shop around at each Asda, as some Asda's are cheaper than other ones.. .good luck x

  • Would never have thought of going to Asda. Thanks so much.

  • Just wondered if I can change where I get my medication from ? If I have started the prescription at one pharmacy can I then take the same prescription to another? The lady at the pharmacy said she had to keep it.

    So wish I had asked here first. Never imagined it being so expensive. Feel a bit naive🤔

  • Biodose are the cheapest I've found. I used them last time & saved about £600. Am using them again for my DE cycle. I even found that Asda were loads more expensive. Info@biodose.com

    Good luck xxxx

  • I recently used stork (wearestork dot com) they were the cheapest by far and super efficient. You have to send them your original prescription so I took a copy for me to keep then sent it recorded delivery. They called me as soon as they had received it to arrange payment and delivery - for whenever and wherever I wanted. You get everything you need from them not just the meds. Asda were far more expensive than the hospital pharmacy for me.

    Steph x

  • Find a clinic whose fertility packages includes medicine bills as well. That way you'll be spared of extra expenses. Clinics often prescribe brands that are not usually available with local pharmacy making it hard to save a little on medical bills. Plus, people already bogged down with infertility issues are very reluctant about alternative medicines even if it comes cheap. Also, Asda isn't very promising an option. I found it costlier than the local pharmacy too. However, people do find one or other such online pharmacy platforms helpful and the rate for same medicine in each of them varies as well. So, if you're up for e-shopping of medicines it's better you compare the rates on few of them to find the one most suitable to you.

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