Prednisone tablets issued by doctor.

Hi everyone.

Brief update so I have spoken to a doctor and she was was really nice and reassuring.

She has told me it's very common in early pregnancy to spot and it's nothing to worry about as long as it's not heavy bleeding or cramping. Apparently the embryo can embed and cause bleeding.

She has issued the prescription for my Prednisone 10mg tablets and is going to clarify how long my Fertility specialist wants me to take them for.

My husband has put his foot down and I'm to be bed rested this weekend!

I guess the worrying doesn't sadly stop at the positive test 😮

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes I really appreciated the support xoxo

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  • Hi jess1981. Let's not worry too much for now. Listen to DH and have a good rest. You may get a bit more spotting when you get up, but should calm down again. You've got some prednisone on the way, which should protect you from the NK problem. Remember how many ladies you've propped up here who have been in a similar position, and they've come through. Enjoy your rest and think of me ploughing through all my ironing! Gentle hugs. Diane

  • Thank you. She gave me a prescription for two weeks worth whilst she contacts fertility consultant. I took them tonight to get the ball rolling but ideally she wants me to take the pills at breakfast time. Its is now brown so hopefully it's calming down. My last pregnancy I also had bleeding ( pregnancy went full term) so you'd think I wouldn't be so frightened. It does seem to be common it was hugely reassuring hearing others having it and pregnancies being OK. The fact I am not having cramp or heavy bleeding is a good sign. Deep breaths!!!! Its good to have the steroids as a safety precaution ( my NK was only slightly raised). I will enjoy a weekend off housework I promise not to gloat! xoxo

  • Have a good rest and I hope everything is ok x x

  • Thank you Kelly hubby is not letting me do anything but rest! Its not heavy or painful so hopefully it's ok always going to worry aren't we? xoxo

  • Always going to worry it means the world to us xx glad your resting and he sounds like a lovely hubby, I'm lucky too I have an amazing hubby xx

  • I'm glad they have prescribed what they should of to help you .

    I'm glad all is going ok. Keep resting don't over do it xx

  • Thanks romanluna 2015 I have taken my first tablets tonight. I think it's more of a safety precaution to help support my pregnancy. But taking them is making me feel a bit safer. Its brown discharge and I hope that is coming to an end. Not what you want to see. Hubby is being very strict on resting xoxo

  • I agree it's not what you want to see . Every little thing is a little scary xx

  • Look after yourself, get lots of rest and TLC. X

  • Amazing news Jess. I missed your original post. Awesome news. Take care of yourself and hope u are feeling well. Have a restful weekend and hopefully this medication will help too. xxx

    Very lovely to read, in your other post, that you conceived the month after endo surgery. Amazing and so exciting xx

  • Fingers crossed it all settles down. As a minor point I would recommend taking the steroids in the morning as they can keep you awake at night. I never give them to my patients after lunchtime.

    So pleased to hear you positive news. X

  • How are you today Jess xx

  • Bless you for asking. Still spotting but it's not heavy and brown and pink. Trying not worry ( which is really hard not to). But my pregnancy symptoms are getting stronger so I hope that is a good sign. When I tested I was sure it would be a negative as I didn't feel different.

    How are you? xoxo

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