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Anyone had a Fibroid surgery (myamectomy)? It is delaying our 2nd go at ICSI

So we are still trying to start our 2nd attempt at ICSI but fibroid isn't letting us. I have had my injections (in the fridge and on the bedside cabinet) since March and now after several scans and bloods, I have been told I need to remove the fibroids for us to even get a chance at a successful ICSI.

I am now trying to go back on the NHS for the surgery but I feel very shattered and let down by my body (oh I forgot to say endometriosis too is back with vengeance, twice as bad as last time). Sometimes I truly want to give up on this TTC and focus on my career. Consultant was surprised I didn't get upset when he told us the news today, if only he knew I am past that stage now.....anyone had the surgery? How was it please?

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I had excision of endometriosis and a myomectomy last November. It ended up being a pretty lengthy surgery of 8 hours as I had so many adhesions too, it was 3 operations in one.

I have the usual lap scars and one about 2 inches long across my knicker line. It's faded now to just a thin line.

I was also told by my consultant that they wouldn't start any fertility treatment for 6 months after the myomectomy as it'd take that long for the womb to heal properly. My fibroids were large though - the biggest at 12cm.

Before the surgery I took Esmya to shrink the fibroids. Has this been mentioned to you?

I recovered really well after the op, but my pain returned pretty quickly and is unfortunately worse than ever. I'm booked in for a US scan in a couple of weeks to find out what might be going on in there. If I need another surgery it'll delay our IVF. I suspect it's more endo related than my fibroids.

Best of luck to you.


OMG! Sounds like an 'experience' to me. I had a 5hr surgery last year for endometriosis and it's back. Yes my fertility consultant told me about a medication to shrink it. I am now trying to speed my appointment with my surgeon up so I don't have to buy new set of medications after the surgery. How soon did you go back to work (if you work) after the surgery? I went back 2weeks after my endo surgery last year. My employer has now changed the rule to not pay for planned sick like surgeries so I need to go back ASAP.


I had almost 8 weeks off. I'm an early years teacher and my recovery time coincided with the Christmas Holidays. I think I could have probably gone back after about 5 weeks (minimum) but had the holidays as a buffer.

It's so difficult to be in your position but don't rush your recovery. As soon as I went back to work and started lifting, bending, stretching etc. my pain returned. Could be coincidental but make sure you look after yourself. Is there a union or maybe a body like ACAS you could contact to see if it's lawful for your company to do that?


Oh lucky you! Unfortunately not, we don't have such as it is a small organisation (less than 50 staff). I remember the look on the faces of my colleagues when I got back after 2weeks, they looked at me like I was faking it :) I am hoping I can choose to work from home this time if it comes to it - thanks for all the info, much appreciated and all the best on your journey x


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