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Just thoughts

I'm new here and just want to give some support.

I see here so many desperate people and just want to say you need be strong and never give up! When my best friend and her husband decided to have a baby and after many tries there wasn't any results...she just lost herself, I saw how she suffered and how her husband tried tried to give her all love, but she just closed her soul from everybody. I was suffering too - the girl who always is more than friend for me, the girl, who is my soulmate, the girl, who helped in troubles just faded. Then she started ivf cycle. After unsuccessfull first try she started to blame herself more than ever. She thought she was defected and her husband is going to leave her. But I'm just glad that around her were really good people - we already believed everything will be OK. I'm glad she found good clinic and good specialists who explained that they got try more. And after sequence of fallings she's done it! It wasn't easy, but ivf really works! This is a great chance. Just believe in your strength!

You're stronger than you think you are

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