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6dp3dt bad cramping 😔

Hi guys ,

Need ur help or advice please. I am 6dp3dt with 2 embryos on board, doing mild ivf but ended up having icis. I have had on and off cramping from day 2 after transfer also feeling so sick last 3 days till late afternoon then goes. I also have lower back pain and headaches on and off and sore boobs. I no it's the progesterone which I'm sure it is but today I have cramps that seem to be more painful that it's worrying. My period isn't due till the end of next week and my blood test isn't till Wednesday.

Please can anyone kindly put my mind at ease or able to tell me if they have had the same thing??


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hi nikki, i had 2 embryos transferred last monday & on day 4 felt about the same as you - my back was absolutely killing me & i had hardcore cramps. i had my progesterone (cyclogest) increased from x2 to x3 daily the day before, so thought that might be why (although i am secretly still hoping the cramps were down to implantation).

i think a lot of symptoms can be down to medication so it's impossible to tell if they're early pregnancy signs. what you've described sounds standard, but if the pain becomes severe maybe call your clinic?

sending positive vibes ✨✨✨


Thank you so much for replying Hun. I have been on my progesterone for 10 days now they haven't increased or changed anything. Guess I'm hoping its implantation but I'm not kidding my self lol. Just seems really crampey lol (I no that's not a word) it's not bad enough to make a call to the clinic but enough to as you guys lol . How you finding everything 😘


i'm defo better than i was last round as i knew what to expect this time.

that said, i've still found the 2ww hard - i swing from feeling certain it's another failure, to having mini moments of hope. most of the time i'm in the middle just trying not to think about it or focus on every little ache & twinge - it's such a head f**k 🙄

hope your back has eased a little 😘

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This is my first go and never thought this would be the hardest part. I keep telling my self it hasn't worked as I don't want to be upset if it's true. My back is much better thank you but still having them cramps. Also I have had watery discharge this afternoon (sorry tmi lol) it came through my jeans it was that much. So that's worrying me now lol. Just hate over thinking everything lol I'm going crazy 😜 lol


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