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Injections started finally

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Sooo went for my first appointment in Istanbul

Clinic was clean professional and nice people although language barrier with reception staff

Dr spoke good English so that's the main thing

He's put me on 150 puregon and merinol he said this is a slightly higher dose as I had small follicles he said it's not low enough to not accept but on the lower end of scale.

THe nurse did my first 2 injections on my stomach didn't hurt either.

Was wondering if any of you ladies have taken this medication and your thoughts.

My next appointment is in 5 days time I thought was too long away but dr confident it's fine...

the journey continues........

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I'm on 150 merinol at the moment, am a bit teary and have had some mild headaches but mainly ok. Injecting myself...good luck with yours xxx


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