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Hi everyone, have been reading all of your posts for a few months now and love how supportive everyone is, it's very reassuring!! Am currently waiting for first referral hospital appointment which is in August. Got the letter through and it says absolutely nothing about what to expect/if we need to take anything like previous tests we have had done.

Can anyone give me some advice on what is discussed at this first appointment? And what sort of time scale we will be waiting after the appointment for any treatment to start?

Thank you in advance 😊😊

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Hello :)

With your first referral i don't think you have to take anything as they should just be going through what your situation is and just going through all the details, if you have letters or anything from what you have previously had done take them just in case so if they do need anything the process inst delayed!

Timescales is the hardest thing to answer and everyone will tell you everywhere is different! I had a dye test in January and had my first consultation yesterday where we found out we can start treatment as of my next period which is due on the 20th, you then wait until day 21 of that period and start the injections.

It is such a long process and it does feel like your waiting around forever but then every new appointment your moving forward so just try and keep positive!

Good luck!x

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Our first consultation he went through my scan results, bloods and my husbands test. (Ask your GP for all test results, print off and take them with you)

If there's a reason they can put you on clomid, other meds or refer for IVF. If not they might leave you to try for longer naturally.

Our first appointment to referral was 8 months. Unfortunately it's not a speedy process. But take it step by step and each one will get you closer the the goal! Good luck! Xx

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