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Trigger shot done...


Hi Ladies...

I hope you are all doing very well on your journeys ...

I had my trigger shot last night. had my scan and bloods in day, they noticed lots of fluid on scan that they said was prob coming from my tubes? They going to go ahead and thaw out my two embies on Thursday if they thaw ok transfer will either be friday or saturday fingers crossed now for my two embies and the dreaded two week wait!!! lol xxx

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Good luck x

Good luck with thaw :)

In case of 2ww try knotting.

Very relaxing and addictive as hell.


Hi liz1985. They must be happy about the tubes or they wouldn't go ahead with transfer. FET is not so bad. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane

I had to have my tube drained during EC. They can't be concerned if they have left you xx


Good luck Liz, really hoping this is your time xxx

Hi guys ..

Thank you just hoping now that both embies thaw nicely so I can have double transfer tomorrow is the day don't think I'll sleep much tonight 🤔🤔🙏🙏🙏 good luck everyone this journey is so hard for us all at times xxx

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck!!xx

Thank you sweetie xxx

Good luck xx

Good luck hunny x x

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