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choosing the right way


hi, now i'm looking for the reproductive treatment as donation in cheap countries. my name is Amanda i'm 32 and I'm from Italy. i had 3 ivf but it was negative result. it's strange but i'm not upset i'm full of enthusiam the other way around. i'll give the birth to my baby and i promise it. could you please give advice about it?probably some clinics

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As you mentioned here your choice is Ukraine, right?

I find such rating (you can choose any country).

P.S.: consider about number of users, but not about rates. They have some problems with it.

P.P.S.: you can contact all clinics with most of "users". Just a few of them have count with more than 100. Hope it`d be helpful.

Good luck :)

Amanda94 in reply to Alice_W123

thanks :)

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