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5am after first gonalef injection (short protocol ivf) dehabilitating abdominal pain, I also have endo, any tips?

I take gabapentin 400mg 3 times a day for my endo nerve pain, last dose was quite late yesterday, 8pm, and at 5am the pain was so intense I couldn't even get to my gabapentin! Wondering if it is related to the gonalef and therefore if anyone has any advice for pain relief, I can't be unable to walk for two weeks!

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Good morning Stephredhead - hope the pain has gone by now. I have no answer to your question but I m in similar situation. Starting short protocol next week and also diagnosed with stage 4 endo. Even now I'm lying here since early hours with hot water bottle and pain killers wondering what's gonna happen when injections start and what to expected pain wise, how to cope. Wishing you all the best xxx viki


Thanks Viki, all the best for you as well.


Hi there i have no solutions but just to say i was on gonal f and it was not painful,maybe coz i dont have endo.we got the best result with it for our egg collection and had some to freeze.i hope the pain will be worth it.

And that you feel better soon.


Hi Stephredhead. Oh dear, that can be so painful! Could you have a word with your GP and see whether he/she can prescribes something alongside the Gabapentin? No anti-inflammatories though, such as ibuprofen. Hope all soon settles for you. Diane


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