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My third bad day


I'm new to this ,

i just only want to express my feelings.

This was my 3rd day of my treatment and our doctor said they ain't sure that if medicine or operations can help us out. This is f**king terrible.I not sure if it works or not.Just a try, if it works I could have my baby.But it doesn't happen I don,t know what just will happen to me 'cause already i have spend a good amount of money for just 3 sitting..

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Hi I am so sorry you are having a bad time. Can you please tell me, are you having a IVF cycle at the moment?xxx

No ,I was told the cycle could be started in next cycle

Oh dear, so what have the doctors said? Are you not able to start next month now, have you had IVF before xxx Sending you big hugs


Hi lucifr. Try not to get too upset by all of this, for if you have to go on to IVF they will be able to regulate your treatment to suit you better. Hang on in there and hopefully everything will start to go right for you soon. Good luck and I'm thinking of you. Diane

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