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Low Progesterone


My blood results came back from Cd 20 as 21 was a weekend an my clinic didn't have any nurses in. I've been told it should be somewhere around 30 but mine came back a 6. I knew I had a hormone imbalance as my doctor noted it awhile ago but nothing was done. I don't see my fertility specialist until end of Aug/Sep but really eager to get started on something to help balance me out. Have any of you ladies tried anything that's helped? I'd honestly love to feel less tired/grumpy/upset/angry and low it really effects my moods. TIA

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It depends if your cycle is dead on 28 days, if it isn't then the results wouldn't show the correct level for you as the day taken wouldn't be correct. The test has to be done 7 days post ovulation as progesterone levels rise after ovulation and then fall off if you don't get a bfp. If your cycle is either longer or shorter than 28 days the results will usually show as being low.

I think they now usually do a different blood test on day 3 (?) for this very reason. I only know as my daughter had this done after her first consult for ivf. She was told they don't do day 21's any more as they're 'old fashioned' lol.

I do know they are pretty good at sorting hormones during the ivf process, make sure they check your thyroid levels too xx


Hi Natashalsl. Yes, that's right, Day 21 on a regular 28 day cycle should read more than 30. If you have a longer cycle they sometimes check on Day 23. Remember that just tells you for that month and only gives you an idea re ovulation. Next month may be fine. However, as "Sunonarainyday" says you need to have a Day 2 or 3 FSH level check too, to check out your follicle stimuating hormone. This should be between 2 and 10 and averages about 6 to 8. If you're not ovulating regularly, then your specialist may start you on a drug called Clomid to try and regulate it. However, you may be recommended to have IVF, I don't know, you will ave to see what is decided at your next consultation. Good luck with it all. Diane

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