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I'm relatively new to all this. We have been trying for 14 months now. I'm 34 35 in January. I have long cycle up to 56 days long and high androgen levels and the fertility specialist says I have polycystic tenancies. When I went for my internal scan there was a corpus luteum there so on that one snap shot she believes I am ovulating. I have to have my tubes flushed now to see if there are any blockages.

I'm feeling really disappointed and impatient as my next appointment isn't until August. Has anyone been in a similar situation can tell me how things are likely to proceed? I was referred by the doctors in December last Year, things just seem to take so long.

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HI Jhenerson. I know it may seem so, but that's not too long to wait for the HSG to check your tubes. After that, hopefully they will come up with an idea how to treat you, which may just be tablets, if your tubes OK. Fingers crossed all is soon resolved and you can start some treatment soon. Good luck! Diane


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