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Recommendations please

Morning All

We are just getting ready for our first trip to Greece for egg donation. The clinic we have found has been amazing. Which is making the whole process a lot easier.

They have asked me to choose which progesterone medication to take, my last treatment I had to take both but they do not recommend and say no need for that.

The choices are Vaginal pessaries (3xtimes a day) or Vaginal gel (1xtime a day) there is a small difference in price but that's not the issue.

Just wondering if anyone has tried both and found one works better than the other?

Many thanks


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Good luck 🍀 in Greece with Ed. I had ED at ovum in Athens, was such a smooth process compared to own eggs in UK.. And I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant.. So wishing the same for you.. And smooth process... I only every have used pessaries... I would think they easier and less mess. Lots of love Jackie xxx


I had pessaries and gel and given the choice I'd have just the less pessaries because the gel was more messy. You also have to store it below 25 degrees which isn't always easy to do when travelling. It says the same for the pessaries but I think that's just so that you can easily insert them. Good luck xx


Thanks for letting me know, I used both last time but having store to gel below 25 degrees could be an issue. Also aware about bring them into the country can be difficult sometimes. Many thanks for the advise xx


Congratulations that's amazing news 😃 Glad to hear the process was smooth must admit I've heard nothing but good things from any of the clinics in Greece so hoping it continues. Thanks for letting me know about only using pessaries few things to consider. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy xx

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