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Day six scan done 😀

Had my day six scan done today. I have three follicles which is great. Didn't expect many as I have very low amh and am 39.

Right ovary has one at 14mm and left has two at 12mm and 9mm. Lining is 5.6mm so told everything looks good at this stage.

Was so nervous about this scan as not felt a thing from the stimming so thought I wasn't responding but all good and it only takes one 😀x

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Ahhhh fingers crossed for you! I have low amh and had 5 follicles at trigger and got 4 eggs, booked for 5DT on Saturday unless I get the call today to come in for a 3DT or to say it's all over... I think until midday I will be a bag of nerves! 😬


That's brilliant four out of five! Fingers crossed for you. Keep me posted xx


Fingers crossed my dear


Thank you. Next scan on Monday will poss ec on Wed. Counting the days left to inject x


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