Should I be concerned?

Af arrived on Tuesday, two days early. This is my second period since my D and C on April the 6th. Usually my period is very very light and lasts only 3 days maximum (mostly dark with only a small amount of red, sorry tmi) and last month, although a bit later than predicted, it was perfectly normal. However this Af is surprisingly heavy! I'm seeing a lot of blood and it's showing no signs of slowing down yet, today is obviously cd3. I have cramped quite badly this cycle too. Usually by now all cramps would have been gone by the end of cd1 but I'm still getting them.. Anyway I guess I'm just wondering what's going on? I had one "normal" period and now this? Why so heavy this time around?

Ps I have been taking a combination of things over the last couple of years that I have read improve blood flow to the uterus to encourage a healthier lining, because of my poor flow every month. I've recently been taking Vitamin B6, and Raw Cacao as I read somewhere that they promote blood flow and help balance hormone levels. I'm also on Myo Inositol (recommend by the clinic for my pcos). I wonder if my heavy flow is finally because my hormones are more balanced or whether it's related to my surgery?

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  • Dear Tugs after D&C and d various ivf medication our body does take atleast 3 cycles to resume being itself. Secondly if u feel d bleeding is too much then there is no harm in getting urself checked out at ur gp for the peace of ur mind. And lastly I wouldn't advice taking any herbal medication without having a guidance from a qualified herbalist. As all medication whether herbal or allopathic have some action and reaction. So dear take if urself and rest as much as possible. Xx

  • Hiya. It's ok my gp is aware of the supplements I take from Holland and Barret but thinks they only have a placebo effect anyway. He's also not ever been concerned about my light periods πŸ˜• xx

  • This time my periods are all wonky too..early last month late this month which I now don't even get excited about and this month I had the worst period pain I have ever had..I am just putting it down to all my body has been through..take care xxxx

  • This is exactly what is happening to me.

    The one after the mc was fine but the next three have been pretty horrendous.

    I used to have them for 7 days, heavy for the first three then normal for the rest.

    Now, they're normal for two days then on day three I get the strongest cramps (like the ones at the mc) and all the lining comes away at once. After that it's really light spotting for a day.

    Went to the doctors about it and all they did was give me ponstan.

  • What is Ponstan and what does it do? xx

  • Apparently a pain killer but also helps the blood flow.

    Every time it gets to day three I start stressing. It's like the mc all over again.

    Fingers crossed it'll calm down.

    I'm worried that my hormone levels are out of balance before starting IUI again.

    I was thinking last night that I'll go back to the docs before I start treatment again.

  • Me too. I've got an endo scratch on July 3rd xx

  • Hey Vicky mine arrived today and very heavy and crampy and first one after d and c was v light. Maybe our bodies just trying to back to sync. Also day 1 of round 3 for me! Had a very emotional week, just the thoughts of going through it all again petrified me. Not the meds just if the end result like last two times ..., cx

  • I'm glad it isn't just me as I was beginning to worry xx

  • Ps good luck! Third time lucky! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

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