My name is Joyce and would like to become a member of this community. I am infertile due to hysterectomy and due to that I am here to seek your support and advice too. Over the years I was unable to sire a child. People laughed at me and made jokes regarding my health. I was mishandled and mistreated as my life looked to take another direction. I could try to experiment with different men to see whether I would have a luck and conceive. All was to no avail. One lucky day, I managed to meet a professional doctor who advised me to go see him accompanied by my best and trusted friend who can’t divulge our secrets. Life seemed bright and very promising. My future started to glow and a light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. On that fateful day, we went with my friend and as a friend in need is a friend indeed, she didn’t hesitate to accept the doctor’s submission. The doctor requested her to be the surrogate and carry my own baby. My fertilized egg was used and through In Vitro Fertilization, my best man’s sperm was used to develop an embryo. An artificial insemination was done in my friend’s womb and the fetus developed normally. I could not seek a donor’s egg and sperm as I am married and my husband was very fertile. My infertility was as a result of hysterectomy and the success rate and development of my baby was awesome. The only challenge is the prohibitive costs that was very easy for me to come by.


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